Objects on white backgrounds


One of the tasks we where given was to photograph five objects onto a pure Adobe RGB White background. In theory this would be the easisiest of the ten projects to shoot, as it can be done in your own home, technically however this one could prove slightly more difficult due to the need to use photoshop to edit the five images onto the white canvases.

It’s not one that I was looking forward too, simply because I’m not the best when it comes to photoshop. After we went through shooting an example image in class however, the process seemed somewhat less daunting.

A full step by step guide showing how I placed thhe example image onto a pure white background will be placed up in the lecture guide, but put simply we use the lasso tool and clone stamp tool to cut out our image before dragging it onto a plain white canvas.


Image 1:

I’m only going to go through the settings once, simply because the settings remained the same throughout the shoot. I decided to shoot my old Olympus OM-2 film camera all the objects where placed on a peice of white A4 Paper the help in the cutting out stage on photoshop. I set my camera up on a tripod and set the apature to F16, the ISO to 100 and my shutter speed to 1/200th of a second. A speed light was used to light up the subject although this was an old minolta speed light from the 1980’s with limited functions so a few test shots had the be fired before hitting the exposure dead on at 1/200th. An apature of F16 was used as sugested in lecture to ensure the whole subject is in focus and sharp, and an ISO of 100 to keep grain to a minimum and get the most out of my cameras dynamic range. As said previous a shutter speed of 1/200th had to be used due to the flash not having any pwer settings, although technically out of sync with the camera (Flash sync 1/60th) I found at 1/200 the camera was still capturing the flash. By the time I’d boosted the shutter speed to 1/320th I found the shutter was closing too fast for the flash giving only a half exposed image.

The images all recieved the same processing in photoshop too, as mentioned above the images where cut out from thier environments using the lasso and clone tool then dropped onto a blank white canvas using the grab tool. For this particular image I then proceeded to edit the contrast by boosting it +2 and then saving the file as a TIFF for further use.





Olympus, OM-2, 35mm, Film, Camera, Zuiko, 50mm, F1.8, Black, White, Background, Advertising, Glass, Lens, Body

Image 2:





English, Electric, Lightning, F3, XR751, Jet, Fighter, Aircraft, Plane, Model, RAF, Toy, Diecast, EE, Royal, Air, Force

Image 3:










28mm, F3.5, Pre, Ai, Nikkor, Lens, Nikon, F2, F, Black, Body, Glass, Wide, Angle, Advertising, Rear, Cap, Clean, Good, Condition

Image 4:Untitled-4Filename:



Toy, Model, Motorcycle, Bike, Moto, GP, Valentino, Rossi, 46, Yamaha, Race, Realisic, 1:72, Scale, Stand

Image 5:Untitled-5Filename:



Jack, Daniels, Whisky, JD, 40%, Bottle, Full, Sour, Mash, Alcohol, Tennessee, USA, United, States, Of, America



Objects on white backgrounds

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