Street Photography


Street photography is another genre that is fairly new to me, before starting the course I it wasn’t a genre that I was too interested in or had any experience of. It is a genre that is growing on me though, I especially enjoy shooting the more grimy and gritty areas of a city, like alleyways and passages and getting in quite close to subjects at 50mm.

For this series of five images however I’ve decided to try a different angle of attack, showing subjects at a more wider angle and making the most of the surrounding environments. This made sense to me as I decided to take these photographs whilst on my holiday around Europe, showing subjects doing their thing in the street, but encorporating the sights of foriegn cities in these shots too.

I thought it might be nice to try something a little different anyway, as opposed to the standard 50mm, black and white image of sombody smoking or a homeless person, it’s a different angle on ‘street photography’ and the angles and shooting styles are somewhat unconventional, I’ll leave it to the viewer to decided whether or not this has been a success.

Image 1:

A capture showing your typical everyday scene in Paris. Rather than doing the shot that everyone else was doing, filling the frame with the guy playing the acordian, I decided to go a little wider, creating a background also using the ‘rule of thirds’ to place the musician in the bottom right hand corner of the frame.

The image was shot at 1/160th for image stability, F8 to ensure a nice crisp image with all elements of foregrond and background in focus and at ISO 100 ensuring that the image has minimum grain on it and making the most of my cameras dynamic range.

In processing the image conrast was boosted by +2 on the slider and a slighter tighter crop selected. The image was then processed to a Tiff from a RAW file.





France, French, Capital, Paris, River, Street, Performer, Acordian, Music, Intrument, Tourism, Holiday, Bridge, Passer by, Green, Pink

Image 2:

This one was a case of being in the right place at the right time, what started out as taking photo’s of the iconic Eiffel Tower turned into an oportunistic street photo. I really liked the symetry that I got with this photo having the Eiffel Tower flanked by the two couples, again, this is a bit of an unconventional ‘street’ photograph, but it’s something different and I was quite pleased with the out come. I think it definitley captures the feel of the city as a place known for romance.

The image was shot 1/500s, at F8 ISO 200. In theory I could have shot this image at 1/250th and lowered the ISO to 100, to get just that little bit extra out of the cameras dynamic range, there where however a lot going on at this time and I decided to control my exposure on my shutter rather than my apature which I had set to F8 to capture the whole scene in focus and my ISO at 200 to give a little extra control in the current light on my shutter speed, due to moving around quickly to areas in different lighting. This gave me more opportunity to consentrate on composition.

In the processing stage I applied a digital graduated filter to the sky to bring out the tower and the clouds a little more, as well as boosting the contrast by +2 on the sider. the image was then processed from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Eiffel, Tower, Wedding, Marrige, Paris, Romance, Love, Street, Photography, Symetry, France, French, Landmark, Capital, City

Image 3:

This image was taken early morning in St. Marks square, Venice before the crowds arrived. One of the benifits of sleeping rough and using public transport is that it not only makes travel affordable, but you’re up and about before anyone else is, providing the perfect opportunitys to capture scenes like this. This image was taken at around 05:50am and pictures an area of St.Marks square that is usually bustling with tourists, in this scene however just the one person can be seen at the end of the walkway, timed so that he drops dead into the center of the frame, attracting the viewers aye to the end of the ‘tunnel’.

This image was shot at 1/1250th at F2, ISO 100. The image was shot at F2 because I wanted to create a shallow depth of field, I wanted to do this because although I wanted the subject at the end of the walkway to be the center of attention, I also wanted this figure to be out of focus, creating a more mysterious image. I had th opportunity to step down to F1.8 but I chose F2 as it just brought the front section of the walkway nicely into focus, showing of the details of the architechture ad the hanging light. The composition, again could be said to be unconventional as a street image, but for me it’s good to try and have a set that stands out as a little more indivigual to me rather than a set of standard ‘street’ style images.

Processing with this image has been the same as the others really, the usual +2 contrast, I did however push the white balence up slightly by a few degrees Kelvin to give a more warmer feeling to the image. Once this had been done, the image was processed from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Venice, St, Mark, Square, City, Historic, Tiled, Arch, Archway, Shops, Restraunt, Lone, Man, Tourist, Explorer, Sun, Early, Morning

Image 4:

I suppose this image is the first of my set that could be classed as your standard street style photograph. Taken a 50mm it simply shows a man walking into a covered over section of an alleyway. I was attracted to the composition here mainly by the colours of the graffiti but more by the ‘yes it’s here’ sign, I decided that I’d quite like an image of sombody passing underneath the sign. The first person to come along was the chap pictured in the red jumper which instantly made me quite pleased as his red jumper and blue jacket fit perfectly with the blue and red graffiti and surrounds. I don’t like shooting in black and white much so I was pleased that I got matching colours on the first attempt.

This image was shot at 1/500th, F2 at ISO 200. I shot the image at F2 as I wanted to create a shallow depth of field, I wanted to do this so that the main attention of the viewer is focused on the subject of the image, which is the man in the red jumper passing underneath the ‘Yes it’s here’ sign. By doing this, I have also taken the detail away from the graffiti making it less distracting and more complimentary to the image, with the detail taken away from the graffiti it looks more like a nice blend of colours than a pattern.

During processing the image has been cropped in from the right, pushing the man out more to the right rather than having him central in the frame, this I feel is also more complimentary to the composition. I then dropped the highlights to allow a little more background detail to appear and boosted the composition by +2 on the slider. The image was then processed from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Paris, Yes, It’s, here, Archway, Alley, Red, Blue, Jacket, Urban, Graffiti, Man, Walking, City, Scene, Street, Photography

Picture 5:

A typical scene showing people shopping in the street, I was attracted to this image because of the amount of colours on display due to the different types of fruit and veg on sale.

The image was shot at 1/80th, F4, ISO 200. F4 in this image create just the right amount of depth I needed to have the foreground subjects in focus as well as the shop front with the focus trailing of leaving a slightly blurry background. 1/80th of a second was chosen to make the most of the light under the canopy whilst the subjects where still and an ISO of 200 to make up for the rest of the exposure whilst still having low grain and a good dynamic range.

Processing for this image included heavy lifiting of shadows and heavy removal of highlights to make up for the awkward lighting situation in the alley where dark and light patches where readilly clashing. On top of this I altered the contrast by +1 on the slider just to add some deph to the shadows and hide some of the grain from areas that had been pushed. The image was then Converted from a Raw file to a Tiff.





Fruit, Veg, Vegtable, Store, Shop, Grocer, Shopping, Browsing, Nice, France, French, Street, Photography, Colours, Red, Yellow, Green

Street Photography

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