Abstract photography is yet another area of photography that I’ve never really explored, I don’t suppose I’ve ever really felt a need to up until now, but it’s been interesting looking into what abstract is and having a go for myself.

Image 1.

I quite liked the colours that where availible to me in this shot, when I had abstract in mind I was drawn to the more colourful elements of the genre. This is a pictures showing a red and a yellow Tulip in the garden, nothing more, nothing less, I do like the effect that I’ve used to put an abstract spin on the image though. To do this, I used  a longer shuter speed than what would usually be required and then zoomed in on the object from around 28mm to 50mm. Doing this whilst the camera is exposing creates the effect of speed, and when done on a static object creates the effect shown below.

The method used to create this image has been described above, the exact camera settings are listed here. The image was shot at a 6th of a second at F18, ISO 50. I required a shutter speed of a 6th to give me the exact time I required to allow me to complete the motion of zooming in, an apature as high as F18 and an ISO as low as 50 where required to darken off the image after the prolonged exposure in bright day light.

During the processing of this image I boosted the contrast on the slider by +2 I then converted the file from RAW to a Tiff.


File Name:



Flower, Tullip, Grass, Garden, Nature, Abstract, Sonic, Speed, Blur, Artistic, Prolonged, Exposure, Colour, Red, Yellow, Green

Image 2:

This image used the same technique as the last to give it that blurred look and to add what looks almost like speed to the image. The picture is in fact a photograph of a bowl full of apples.

The mage was shot at 1.3 seconds at F13, ISO 50. The image was shot in a slightly darker area than the last hence the slightly longer shutter speed and larger apature, other than this however the technique is identical to the last photo.

As is the processing, just a simply application of +2 contrast and the usual converting from RAW to Tiff format.


File Name:



Apple, Fruit, Bowl, Kitchen, Prolongned, Exposure, Camera, Trickery, Red, Green, Yellow, Abstract, Speed, Blur, Artistic

Image 4:

This image is a bit different from the others, it doesn’t have any effects or camera tricker applied to it, it’s just a picture of a sculpture that is an abstract peice its self. It reminds me of some sort of plan of the solar system in a way, I just thought it was odd, and certinly will have a viewer making up their own minds about what is depicted here.

The image was shot at 1/60th at F3.5, ISO 400. he image was shot indoors without the aid of a tripo hence the settings, a relitively low shutter speed, higher than usual ISO and an apature of F3.5 which is reasonable wide but still ensuring all is in focus.

The processing of this image included the boosting of highlights, +1 saturations and +2 contrast, the image was then processed to a Tiff from the RAW format it was shot in.


File Name:



Solar, System, Planets, Sculpture, Colour, Highlight, Red, Green, Blue, White, Steel, Metal, Art, Abstract, Artisitic

Image 4:

This image is one showing a close up of the River Aire, at its source near Malham, the image has been edited in a way that makes the viewer have to really lookat the image to decipher what it actually is. The shutter has again been manipulated here, causing the flow of the water to become silky and adding some motion blur to the image. This is also the only image in this entire book that has been processed as a black and white image, a medium I tend not to shoot unless on film. I do feel that this image works considerable better in Black and White than Colour though.

The image was shot at 1/3 of a second, at F22, ISO 50. The lowest ISO I have availble to me, ISO 50 was used here alongside the highest apature F22 to be able to create a situation where a shutter speed high enough to create the effect I desired could be used. In the end I manged to get a speed of 1/3 of a second which was adequte enough time to get the image I was after.

Processing consisted of rotating the image so that the flow of water is running in an unnatural way from the bottom left of the frame diagionally upwards toward the top right of the frame. This was done to create a sense of unaturalness. The image was then processed black and white and the contrast boosted by +4 on the slider to give off strong black and white tones. After this the image was convereted from a RAW file to a Tiff.


File Name:



Black, White, Monochrome, Water, Stream, Long, Exposure, Malham, River, Aire, Cove, Zoom, Effect, Natural, Nature, Art

Image 5:

This image is another one that I took at Malham, right underneath the Cove itself this time. It shows a tree at an unatural angle looking as though it’s fighting against the Cove to reach the sky.

This image was shot at 1/200th, F5 at ISO 400. The image was hand held and in quite a dark area under the Cove, the Shutter speed is 1/200th for stability in the wind and an apature of F5 to ensure the tree is perfectly in focus, top to bottom but the Cove its self is just out of focus, making the tree the attention of the viewers eye.

This image was processed by applying a cross processed film style filter onto it and by ajusting the contrast by +4, this gives the image an almost holga/lomography style look to it, just without the vingetting, due to it’s contrasty blue appearence.


File Name:



Tree, Branches, Cliff, Cove, Blue, Lomo, Lomography, Effect, Sprawling, Sky, Line, Nature, Natural, Art, Abstract


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