Landscape photography is something that I’ve always had an interest in, but at the same time something that I’ve never really had the chance to really get into. Now that I have a means of transport it might be something that I take up, as I throughly enjoyed taking all of the following photo’s. If there’s one thing I do need to invest in, it’s filters, I currently own none, but this hasn’t hindered my ability to still take good landscape photographs by using digital manipulation and making the best of my apatures and low ISO capability.

Image 1:

This is the first of three images that I’ll include taken from a trip to Malham, the picture shows the Cove in the background and the River Aire in the foreground. I wanted to get an image of the water running, and looking silky, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to acheie this however without utilizing an ND Filter and a Graduated Tilt Filter. Fortunatley I was able to get over this hurdle by shooting my image at the lowest ISO and smallest apature availible to me.

The image was shot at 1/3 of a second at F18, ISO 50. The apature and ISO have been Selected at what they have been to create a dark environment in which a longer than usual shutter speed can be used to build up tot he correct exposure, thus allowing the intended movement in the water to take place without over exposing the image or using an ND Filter. An apature of F18 isn’t a hinderance here either as we want the full frame to be in focus for this image anyway, and although for some reason my Sony doesn’t like working at ISO 50, technically speaking, this too is beneficial as it creates minimum grain and maximises dynamic range.

During the stage of processing, a digital graduated filter was applied to the sky, to bring out the blue. The Temperature of the image was then boosted by a few degrees Kelvin to bring out the oranges from the setting sun, and finally an aplication of +2 contrast to bring out the tones in the image. The picture was then convereted from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Landscape, Photography, Long, Exposure, Water, River, Aire, Yorkshire, Malham, Cove, Sunset, Spring, Warm, Colours, Fast, Flowing, Silky

Image 2:

This is probably my favourite of the set, showing the sun just breaking out from behind the clouds and casting rays of light over Malham and the Aire Valley. The river Aire can be seen snaking through the landscape and away into the distance.

The image was taken at 1/13th, F11, ISO 100. The image was shot at F11 to ensure that the entire scene is captured in focus, and ISO of 100 has been used to ensure that I make the most out of my cameras dynamic range, also keeping grain at a minimum and creating a high qaulity image. A shutter speed of 1/13th of a second was used to make up the exposure at my selceted Apature and ISO.

The image wa edited firstly by applying a digital graduated filter, bringing out the detail in the sky, something which would be better done in camera, but as previously mentioned I don’t own a polarising filter or graduated ND. I then put +3 on the contrast slider bringing out tones in the landscape and warmed the image temperature up slightly by a few degrees Kelvin. The image was then converted from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Landscape, Photography, Long, Exposure, Water, River, Aire, Yorkshire, Malham, Cove, Sunset, Spring, Warm, Colours, Fast, Flowing, Silky, Sunset, Clouds, Breaking, Limestone

Image 3:

This is the final image from the Malham set that I’ll be putting into the landscape section of this body of work. This image was taken just set back slightly from the edge of the cove, using one of the limestone blocks to lead the eye into the sunset that is revealing itself through the clouds above the Aire Valley.

This image was shot at 1/250th, F6.3 at ISO 250. By this point I’d packed my tripod away, but the sun just breaking out through the clouds with the rocks in the foreground caught my eye, I quicky dialed in a shutter speed that I was happy shooting into the wind with and then chose an apature that would get the whole scene in picture but would keep my ISO below 400. Although the shot was a bit rushed, it’s still one of my favourite from the day, capturing the moment the sun breaks out from behind the cloud.

The image was processed again by using a digital graduated filter to bring out colours and details in the sky that where lost hrough gainng correct exposure of the valley below. The image contrast was then boosted by +3 to bring out tones and details in the landscape, I then boosted the saturation of the image by +1 just to add a little more colour to the picture before finally incresing the image temperature just slightly by a few degrees kelvin to bring out the warmth of the setting sun a little more. After this the image was processed from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Landscape, Photography, Long, Exposure, Water, River, Aire, Yorkshire, Malham, Cove, Sunset, Spring, Warm, Colours, Fast, Flowing, Silky, Sunset, Clouds, Breaking, Limestone

Image 4:

The first of two images that I thought I’d included from my recent holiday, this one, is a long exposure of a waterfall taken in Brenner. Brenner is a small town, located on the Italian/Austrian border. The temperature was around -8 degrees here, and the problem of getting snow on the lens was present, it took me a good few attempts to get a clean shot without snow or water on the lens.

The image was shot at 13 seconds, F11, ISO 100. Fortuantley as the evening was getting late and night was just around the corner the lighting here was already quite poor allowing for a nice long exposure without an ND filter. I set the apature to F11 to ensure that the full scene was in focus and to buy me a little more time with the shutter open, creating an even nicer appearence to the flow of water. An ISO of 100 also helped with this, and is also the best ISO for this image, keeping grain low, and qaulity high.

Very little processing was required for this image, I upped the contrast of the image by +1 and then proceeded to warm the image up by a few Kelvins. The image was then ready for converting from a RAW file to a Tiff.





Italy, Austria, Border, Waterfall, Stream, Winter, Feel, Mountains, Brenner, Long, Exposure, Fresh, Water, Silky, Rocks, Conifers

Image 5:

This image shows a vista view of Nice in the south of France, I quite liked the way this imaged was flanked by trees on either side of the image, creating a nice natural frame.

The image was shot at 1/250th, F8, ISO 100. Again, this image was shot at F8 to ensure all in the frame is in good focus and we have a large depth of field, may also be worth mentioning at this point that F8 is also ne of the ‘sweet’ apatures on this lens alongside F4, these two apatures are the ones this particular lens works best at, creating the sharpest images when set to these apatures. The ISO was left at 100 to create a low grain high qaulity image, making the most of the cameras availible dynamic range.

The processing for this image consisted of a graduated filter been applied to the skyline to bring out cloud detail, and a +2 contrast change. The image was then converted from a RAW file to a Tiff.


File Name:



Nice, France, French, Rivera, Mediterranean, Sea, Beach, Seaside, Town, Urban, Holiday, Resort, Busy, Sun, Warm, Popular


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