Studio Portraiture


Studio portraiture is something that is totally new to me, I’ve taken portraits of people before, but as a rule only in a working environment. Taking images in a controlled environment should, technically, be easier than taking portraits of people usuing only naturally sourced light, the task still seemed somewhat daunting to me though. Fortunatly a quick look into how studio photography works in lecture and an overview on how to make the most of flash and studio lighting helped boost my confidence, and I felt ready to have a go at shooting studio portraits. Still, as this was my first time doing this sort of shoot, I felt more comfortable shooting my familly, so what you see below will be a list of five familly portraits. I chose a marbled background to add some texture and used a diffused lamp set off to my left to cast a light onto one side of the studio creating a nice soft cast of light across the faces of the subjects. All of the images where shot on a 50mm prime.

Shooting description:

The images where shot at 1/160th, F2.8, ISO 200. I shot the images at F2.8 for two reasons, the first that I wanted to give the background a marbled look and the second because I wanted the subject to stand out and clearly dominate the frame. I made sure that the eyes and face where in focus, then allowing the focus to fade out around the ears and off into the background. This, then captures the looks and emotions on the subjects face. As said in the introduction a light source was used to the right of the subject (my left) to cast a light across the face of the subject giving a nice glow to one side of the face and creating a contrast between both sides of the face. The backing light was simply a mixture of an open window alowing in natural light and a heavilly diffused foward firing flash set up on a tripod, the flash was used litterally just to get some light on the right side of the subjects face and create a slight glint in the eyes. This process was then repeated for the following four portraits.

During the processing stage some work was done just tweaking the highlights ever so slightly on each image so that they looked natural on each indivigual, the images where also cropped where required and a boost of +2 contrast placed on each portrait just to boost the facial shadows and tones. The images where then converted from RAW to Tiff format.

Image 1:

The first image is of my Dad, he’s wearing his work uniform which to me adds a little to the portrait, it shows what he does for a living and that he’s proud of that job.


File Name:



Dad, Family, Drax, Power, Station, Employee, Worker, Blue, Shirt, Portrait, Nikon, Df, 50mm, F1.8D, Studio, Photography, Portraiture

Image 2:

This second photo is taken on the same settings as the first, the subject is my Mum, the same appoach was taken during processing, ensure elements such as white balence reminded the same allowing images to work well together as a set.





Mum, Mother, Family, Portrait, Studio, Portraiture, Nikon, Df, 50mm, F1.8, Knitted, Cotton, Jumper, Smile, Happy

Image 3:

My sister, again shot and processed in the same way to keep up continuity.





Sister, Familly, Portrait, Grey, Jumper, Blonde, Hair, Nikon, Df, 50mm, F1.8, Smile, Happy, Flash, Lighting, Studio

Image 4:

Mother and Daughter…


File Name:



Mother, Daughter, Familly, Portrait, Portraiture, Studio, Photography, Happy, Smiles, Nikon, Df, 50mm, F1.8, Lihting, Highlights, Flash

Image 5:

And finally, one of my sister, with the familly pet, Terry.





Sister, Pet, Dog, Animal, Terry, Cute, Family, Portrait, Studio, Photography, Watch, Gold, White, Terrier, Nikon, Df

Studio Portraiture

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