Supporting Statement, Photography.


Throughout the journal we’ll be looking into and discussing each and every one of 50 images shot for the 10 categories individually, I wanted to write this statement however covering a few basics that  apply to all of the following photographs. I want to do this to show knowledge and understanding, but without having to repeat myself 50 times.

Colour Space:

All of the 50 images that you’ll see in this journal have been shot on two cameras, the 1st being a  Nikon Df, and the second a Sony A77MkII. On both of these cameras the colour space has been set to Adobe RGB (Red Green Blue), this has done to put the images in good stead for editing on Adobe software, ie. Light Room and Photoshop. The images that you’ll see in this digital journal are still set to the colour space of Adobe RGB, however the images in the printed portfolio have been converted to the CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key ‘Black’) for the purposes of printing.


All of the images shot on both cameras have also been shot at a DPI of 300, this is the standard and recommended setting for most DSLR cameras. The edited pictures for both online and printed use remain at a DPI of 300.

Work Flow:

All images have been through the same workflow process, this process is described in this journal under ‘week one, work flow’.


Supporting Statement, Photography.

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