Week 4


Our task for week four was to set up two Bowens 500w flash’s as instructed to in week 3, it was then up to us to take 5 portraits of each person in our 4 person groups pulling funny facial expressions. These portraits where shot at 1/125th, F16, ISO 100 with the aid of the Bowens flash. We used a Sekonic flash meter to give us the correct camera settings to expose correctly with the use of the Bowens on its selected power rating.

Sadly I lost my original face swap and donor portraits, to show my understanding of the process however I’ve done a quick illustrated guide below showing the process and that I under stand how this is done.

Firstly we load our already processed from RAW to Tiff files into Photoshop. We select the portrait which we want to work on first.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 150931.jpg

We then load up our image size menu to take a reading of the size of this portrait.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 151006.jpg

The image is 25x30cm. We now load up our canvas size and go on to increase our canvas size by +25cm in width to the left, making the canvas size now 50x30cm.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 151055.jpg

When this has been completed, we can proceed to drop our second ‘donor’ portrait into this space.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 151104.jpg

Fullscreen capture 15052016 151203

We now flatten the image, merging the two portraits into one image, when this is done we unlock the layer add a set of guides lining up the eyes and mouth and set to work trading features using the clone tool.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 152456.jpg

We then add another blank canvas to the right side of the original image this side, in order to add in a second donor portrait, now increasing the canvas size to 75x30cm.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 154245.jpg

We can now add in our third portrait, remembering to flatten the image when done and proceed to use the clone tool to ake and use further features.

Fullscreen capture 15052016 154322.jpg

Now that this has been completed And more features have been added to our original portrait, we can crop the other two portraits out, leaving just our altered one. This can then be saved as a Tiff and ready for whatever sort of bizzaire use you may have for it!

Fullscreen capture 15052016 154814.jpg

Fullscreen capture 15052016 154837



Week 4

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