Concluding Thoughts

Lectures and Photoshop Tasks:

I’m exceptionally happy with the amount of Photoshop tricks and editing skills that I have acquired over the past weeks working on the module. As a photographer who had no relation to or experience of Photoshop previous to this module, I’m quite pleased to say that I now feel confident in the carrying out of basic manipulation of images with Photoshop, as well as carrying out some more complex operations¬†with the software. Although I now have this knowledge however, I feel that I need to keep up to date with Photoshop and continue to practise using the software. I guess it’s like anything else, now I have the knowledge and I understand the basics, practise and further experimentation will allow me to improve and become more competent with the program.

Photography of 10 Subjects:

Again, a few areas in here such as abstract, food and street photography that I’m not all too familiar with, but I’m grateful these subjects were included in the module to get me out of my comfort zone and shooting things that I wouldn’t usually have considered doing so. I’m happy with all of the images that I’ve supplied, including the way that they have been shot in camera and edited after. All but one image of the Eifel Tower in the street section that is, I hadn’t noticed until I received my book in the post that there’s dust on the image which I missed during processing, which is a bit disappointing, but it’s a lesson learned to check and double-check on future projects. Other than that though, I’m quite happy with how the shooting of the images has gone, I’ve tried to include as many interesting subjects and locations as possible in the given time, and tried to ensure that images have been taken in good time without the need for rushing.

Filing System:

Not something I’d usually talk about, but since it’s played a big part in this module, it’s worth discussing. I’m quite happy with how the filing system has worked out, as well as the naming system allocated for individual files. This isn’t something I’ve done in the past, but is certainly something that I will keep up in the future, the filing system has made work so much quicker and more efficient. Knowing where everything is at all times and been able to access it in seconds makes the small amount of effort required in making a good system worth the while.

All in all, I’m fairly happy with the way the project has gone, and hopefully the images provided will be up to standard, I’ve certainly enjoyed the challenges set and hopefully the images will confirm this.



Concluding Thoughts

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