Work Flow: Filing System.


As part of this module we’ve been told of the importance of keeping a good and well-kept filing system. It ensures that images don’t go missing, are easily accessible and allows us to work more efficiently having ease of access to images.

Filing System:

I have created a series of folders and a naming system for individual files, they’re explained below.

The naming system for files works like so, all files begin with the code ‘MER’ this is simply the entails of my first last and middle names. This is then followed up by a two letter code designated to a section. For example abstract images are given the code ‘AB’ whereas architecture images are given the code ‘AR’. So a file name such as ‘MERAB’ is an image belonging to the Abstract sector. Image files are then followed up by a four digit number showing their allocation within their designated section and finally a . and the file type code.

Filename Key:                                                                 File Type Key:

‘LS’ – Lifestyle                                                                .ARW – Sony RAW File

‘LD’ – Landscape                                                            .NEF – Nikon RAW File

‘AB’ – Abstract                                                                . PSD – Photoshop File

‘FP’ – Studio Portraiture                                              .tiff – Tiff File

‘SL’ – Still Life                                                                 .JPG – JPEG File

‘ST’ – Street Photography

‘AR’ – Architecture

‘WB’ – Objects on a white background

‘IN’ – Interiors

‘FD’ – Food


The folder system is neat and simple. All Folders are Placed under the Main Folder, with a sub folder for each of the 10 subjects. Located in each folder are the individual coded image files, which work as explained above.

Master Folder –

10 Individual Subject Folders



Work Flow: Filing System.

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